Singing is, for Yolanda, the form of expression that can move hers and others to the highest level. This "highest level," is a profound journey, through music and through the interaction between audience member and performer.


Yolanda sings in order to communicate what she needs to say, not what she thinks audience members want to hear on any given day. What she has discovered, however, is a recurring reaction among her audience members that is highly individualized and overpoweringly emotive.

People often tell her at the conclusion of a performance, "you took me somewhere." Her emotion and physical capabilities work in perfect tandem as she sings, moves, performs, and expresses the deepest inner workings of her soul.


She sings not to tell you something, but simply to let you listen and be taken without inhibition.

Yolanda Rhodes sings "Rainbow"






Ave Maria/Giulio Caccini