Yolanda's bedtime stories for her child were interpretations and recreations of things she remembered from the past, including stories her parents told her - both fictional and true life happenings.


She created stories for her son as she told them, aware of their ability to empower, calm, or soothe pain. Yolanda began to see her gift for story telling as a way to rely on her own strengths to support her son, financially and emotionally.

Story telling was a type of reprieve for Yolanda, an escape one could only find elsewhere in sleep. Her stories, often decorated with song, miming, or the evocation of a particular character through movement, soon became a way to make a living as an artist.


Receiving booking after booking for storytelling events, Yolanda found herself going in an increasingly independent direction from various odd jobs she held in the past. There was a future for Yolanda in the voices from her past.



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